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The SanDisk SSD Dashboard is a dashboard that helps users maintain the peak performance of SanDisk and WD SSDs in Windows operating systems through a user-friendly graphical interface. The Dashboard includes tools for drive analysis (including drive model, capacity, firmware version and SMART attributes) and firmware updates. This tool monitors the performance of our drives, provides information on the basic parameters of the operation of our device, we can mention here such things as temperature, the amount of free disk memory, access to data and also many others.

It is important to remember that this software is only compatible with SanDisk drives. Each user of these drives should be interested in this free tool allowing to assess the condition and life span of our equipment. The application can also provide valuable information about the overall performance of the disk. If you are not satisfied with the speed of reading and writing, you can use various functions to free up space. It is worth mentioning that the user interface also includes shortcuts to basic system tools, such as Windows "Disk Management", "System Properties" or "Device Manager". Note that the application allows you to create bootable USB drives that you can use to perform the above-mentioned actions, as well as to update firmware.

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