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Afterburner is a graphics utility developed by GPU manufacturer MSI. It helps with overclocking, monitoring graphics performance in games, as well as benchmark testing and video capture. Afterburner was originally developed with MSI cards in mind. However, since its release, the tool has been modified to work with any other aftermarket GPU.

It offers a whole bunch of cool features and benefits. These days, it is the most widely used on-screen overclocking and monitoring tool. The software can adjust almost every aspect of the GPU, including clocking, core voltage, power limiting, temperature limiting, memory timing, and even fan speeds. Afterburner provides all the necessary tools to tweak the GPU to exact specifications, something other applications do not provide. To make Afterburner work with any available graphics card, it uses OC Scanner, a tool that uses an algorithm developed by Nvidia to determine any GPU model. What's coolest about this technology is that all overclocking profiles can be saved in the software and toggled with the click of a button.

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