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Lightspark is a modern and intuitive library for playing Flash animations. It is nothing but a light replacement for Adobe Flash Player. The tool works stably and displays correctly rendered animations in a short time. Lightspark is the successor to Gnash, the GNU Flash video player. In fact, Lightspark was built on top of it. But one major addition is Lightspark's ActionScript 3 support, which is currently unavailable in most modern Flash Player emulators, including Ruffle.

Lightspark can handle most ActionScript 3.0 languages and has a plug-in that is compatible with the Mozilla Firefox browser. The player works with videos that are encoded via H.264 Flash on services such as YouTube. It seamlessly supports hardware acceleration and multi-threading, and supports the ActionScript programming language. Stable player with professional and extensive interface, based on OpenGL engine. One of the main reasons for creating the program was the ability to play multimedia on Linux platform, which at the same time will be a replacement for Adobe Flash Player application. For the convenience of the user, the player automatically integrates with web browsers available in the system. It has an open source code and releases working on all popular operating systems. Generated objects in newer versions of the application will be exported to the GPU using Pixel Buffer Objects (PBO) technology in the meantime, when OpenGl will be used to display the image on the screen and apply the appropriate effects and filters.

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Dodał: Drumlin
Date of addition: 2021-03-03 15:44:02

prędkość odtwarzania

projekt wymaga kilku poprawek

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Szybki albo trudno znaleźć jakiekolwiek informacje o tym programie co utrudnia korzystanie.

Dodał: Opulent
Date of addition: 2021-03-03 15:45:43

szybko odtwarza filmy

nie każdy film się odtwarza

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Całkiem znośny, jednak nie wszystkie filmy na nim chodzą dobrze.