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Displayfusion makes managing multiple monitors easy with amazing features like monitor taskbars, title bar buttons and fully customizable hotkeys. Amazing variety of monitor and window tools, "Split" feature allows you to define virtual window zones, easy to apply profiles using taskbar or hotkey. The tool can properly format wallpaper, add additional buttons to the toolbar to move windows to different monitors, save and retrieve window positions or desktop icons, and even mute auxiliary monitors to allow you to focus on the task at hand.

DisplayFusion is a collection of tools that run in the background of Windows to make multiple monitors more user-friendly. The "Split" tool creates user-defined window zones, similar to the default half and 1/4 screen windows found in most modern operating systems (WIN key plus arrow keys by default in Windows). While Windows itself has a rather restrictive interpretation of this idea, DisplayFusion allows the user to set up as many predefined window zones as you want across multiple displays, with horizontal and vertical divisions down to the pixel level. Windows maximized on the screen goes to DisplayFusion splits on the left or right, with the former generally reserved for How-To Geek Slack and the right for TweetDeck. TweetDeck gets special use out of this excellent pixel split because it gives it enough space.

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