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Crystal Launcher is a launcher that has the ability to upload modifications to games such as Minecraft. The program features mainly the ability to upload a non-premium skin and Premium/NonPremium login. Launcher automatically installs packages from the repository and gives the ability to run a clean version of Minecraft, starting from the InDeva version, also the manager of user modification packages with an automatic installer of Minecraft Forge.

Crystal Launcher has extremely useful features, easy access to memory settings used by Java and a built-in troubleshooter, from English "troubleshooting". Thanks to this application we can install the selected version of the game on our computer, use mods and even join the game on NightVision servers. Very important is the fact that the program allows you to run the official Minecraft versions from 1.0 up to the latest version in various alpha releases, beta and snapshot, in addition it allows you to install your own mods. The program has a large number of different settings that allow you to customize the game to your liking. It is possible to change the minimum and maximum amount of RAM consumed during entertainment. Users can interfere with the metaspace for Java, JVM locations, resolution and many other parameters of the game itself, but also the consumption of computer components.

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