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Corpus is a tool used to design various types of furniture. At the same time, Corpus prepares all the information for production, cost and sales calculations, as well as parts lists, production and assembly documentation. The program is fully complete, including every smallest element related to the design and manufacture of a fully usable product.

The software is easy to use, quickly adding shelves, doors, partitions and drawers to furniture and completely changing the vision at each stage of creation/design. Manufacturers boast of fast customer service and offer real-time assistance. The tool has a nice and clear interface with lighting design and most importantly production plans needed to realize the product designed by the user. Parameterization allows you to create, edit and modify the item flawlessly. The program gives you the ability to create stunning presentations of the final product with high quality effects and accurate 3D renders. The system is complete and fully optimized, working with technologies closely related to the production of commercial furniture. The program is available in 3 versions: Corpus Lite, Corpus Standard, Corpus Pro. Corpus allows an immediate quotation for selected furniture and its elements, the finished project can be rendered with the POV-Ray engine and presented to the customer with an offer.

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