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Block is a free computer game modeled on the classic "Arkanoid". The main idea of this extremely addictive title is to knock down the colorful blocks visible on the screen, and also trying to block the escape of the balls downstairs, which at certain points of the game is a lot.

Each level is different with a certain number of balls that act as our lives. You can shoot more hoping for faster liquidated objects, thus risking potential loss. The game has an unusually large number of interesting solutions such as special powers falling from above, the ability to expand the palette to the entire width of the screen, which gives an infinite number of combinations combined with unlimited number of balls that can share and attack many objects at once. Adding to all this bricks, from which the balls fall out, the screen unleashes a veritable chaos. We can spend our time relaxing, focusing on just one thing, beating our own records is extremely satisfying and can make us not tear ourselves away from it quickly. Game although inconspicuous incredibly kills time pulling the player with each of its stages.

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